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BurnAgain DVD 1.5 Publisher's Description

BurnAgain DVD lets you burn almost like writing to a harddisk. It simply adds files to a disk several times without creating a volume for each session (and without erasing).

On the Mac it is currently the only application that let´s you do this with CDR,CDRW and DVDRW.

If you burn items twice, BurnAgain DVD will automatically compare them to the versions already burned and only new or changed files will be added, overwriting the previous versions.
To simplify reburning of backups, BurnAgain DVD optionally stores what you want to burn on the disk and loads the configuration automatically when the disk is inserted. That way you can update the content of your disk with one click.
BurnAgain DVD allows to change the title of the disk at each burn. At any time you can decide to start over and hide all previously burned files. It is capable of resolving aliases and supports using "Burnable Folders" in Tiger.
BurnAgain DVD automatically preserves your special Mac file attributes (resource forks) and burns the disk in a platform independent format that can be used on Windows and Linux.
BurnAgain DVD is a "universal binary" that runs natively on PPC and Intel based Macs. It is also ready for the next version of MacOSX, Leopard.

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